24 October 2016

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I've noticed a few long-term LJ friends update recently after long hiatuses (hiati?) so figured I'd do the same as I've taken the day off work.

In the last few weeks, I've added 2 new countries to me list of visited countries, which has been interesting: USA, and Malawi

USA - I think it's unfair to judge a country this large based on visiting a single city (Orlando) so I think more sampling will be necessary before I decide what I think about the USA. It's quite fun but in some ways more different to many other places I've been to (which may be a Commonwealth thing to some extent).
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Malawi - is a curious place. I'd looked at the weather in advance, so packed for dry heat (31C by day and perhaps 15C in the dead of night), but what I hadn't appreciated was how windy it gets at this time of year. There's a wind off Lake Malawi and it's constant with some minor whirlwinds. Malawi is also very dry at this time of year (it rains intensely there for 2 months in about November and December, then next to nothing for the other 10). So this means there is dust. Big time. It gets in your nose, and in your clothes, and under your clothes. Driving around, you have the choice between cooking in the vehicle and opening the windows for a nice breeze but sneezing/coughing.
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Coming back from Malawi involved one of those travel hell nightmares. There are 3 sensible routes back to the UK from Lilongwe (probably numerous daft ones too, but keeping it to routes with a single stopoff...): via Nairobi (Kenya), via Johannesburg (South Africa) or via Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). Because of when we booked, I went with Johannesburg because it seemed to be the best option for getting me home a day earlier. Fine. The plan was to fly Lilongwe-Johannesburg at lunchtime on Saturday, then pick up a flight Lilongwe-London on Saturday evening, and walk through my front door around breakfast time on Sunday. Brilliant!

And then it all went pear-shaped. )

Will try and share a few photos at some point. (Of the countries, not the experience of hanging around in an airport for 12 hours.)


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