1 March 2015

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- My lovely Geoffrey car was in a wee accident. CRI was driving, I was at home. He was turning right on a green light, so perfectly acceptable behaviour; some bleep in the oncoming lane decided red lights didn't apply to them, so shot through and hit Geoffrey's rear quarter, causing some dents and scratches and requiring a replacement bumper retainer. And the bleep didn't stop, so no chance to get their insurance company (if they even had one) to pay up. Generally fairly painful repair in monetary terms, but all sorted now. A cyclist came forward as a witness to confirm CRI was not at fault, but police have given up any hope of catching the bleep.

- Lots of travel this year: Trinidad, Singapore, Tanzania (+ Malawi maybe), Ireland, as far as I can predict. Generally sort of looking forward to it. Singapore should be nice as my godparents live there. Got a new project starting, based in Tanzania and Malawi, looking at bean fields, pollinators, invertebrate biodiversity, etc. Quite excited.

- On that note - anyone have any tips on driving automatic medium-sized to large cars after learning in manual superminis? I think I will actually go nuts if I spent 2 weeks in Trinidad without a vehicle, but all the rental cars are automatics there, and to be honest some of the hills would actually give me panic attacks (literally) if I had to hill-start a manual on them, so not making a knob of myself in an automatic is kind of a must.

- Annual entomology dining club jolly this week, looking forward to that, catching up with good friends and drinking a moderate amount of wine.

- Trying to be less inactive and do some short, gentle jogging again. I think it's doing me a bit of good.

- Had a paper accepted this week - not a high profile journal, but I think the paper is pretty good and shows some nice, novel things, so will be glad to see it in print.

- We are trying to get our stick insects to product hatchable eggs, or rather, trying to hatch some, any of the numerous eggs produced by our stick insects. No luck so far, but we will keep hoping - they can take months to hatch, apparently.

- Had a builder chappy round this weekend and last to fix various niggles with the house (leak in bathroom ceiling, shelf falling off bathroom wall, engineer who replaced boiler failing to actually remove or cover old flue, etc.). So far so good, except he fixed the leak in the bathroom partly by extending a drainpipe, and seems to have extended a bit too far so that in heavy rain we get a sort of water spout across the patio. May need to chat to landlord.

- Slightly terrified of what is going to happen in the upcoming election.


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